Dancing Coyote Pinot Grigio 4-pack cans

Dancing Coyote Pinot Grigio 4-pack cans


Dancing Coyote is a winery out of Clarksburg, California. We have carried their bottled product in the past and have now received their wine in cans for the first time! Canned wine might have a bad rep but we promise you, this is seriously good quality juice! Each 4-pack contains 1 litre of wine (that’s more than a bottle).

Sometimes you just can’t imagine adding more weight to your hiking backpack. Canned wine is a winner here! This pinot grigio is dry, refreshing and ready for your next expedition. Not feeling that adventurous? Take it for a float down the Bow river.

We can think of SO many uses for wine in a can. Ideas include (but are definitely not limited to):

Camping, hiking, canoeing. movie theater, backyard bbqs, golfing, shopping, taking the kids to the park. You get the idea!

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